Well, I'm really thrilled to answer this since, after my +2 till my graduation, I went to prostitutes 11 times. I'm completely satisfied only three times out of eleven times, and to a lesser extent, three times out of eleven times. I was duped into paying 500 rupees in advance through paytm, ten thousand rupees in gigolos thinking it was genuine, and five thousand rupees in advance bank payment to a broker who was not just fake but also acted as if he was.

Sex with a prostitute

I paid the maximum amount of 18k, which was the most recent, but I must say she was an angel. She spoke to me as if I were a girlfriend, and her service made me feel like I was in heaven. I admire this girl, as I do all the girls I've met, but she's self-sufficient and works on her own terms, and she's genuine and nice at heart. I called her and was unable to see her for the tenth time since she had not responded, so I switched to another service, which was terrible.

She emailed me two days later asking if I needed service, and I told her I'd come in a day because I'm from another city (she's in Hyderabad and I'm 7 hours away). She asked me for 9K for the entire night and provided me with her picture, which I was astonished by and accepted. She told me to buy condoms and wait when I arrived at her house at 9 p.m. That's what I did while waiting for her to pick me up. She summoned me to her apartment on that street, and the watchman inquired, "Who are you?" I handed him her phone number, and he said, "Sir, walk into the lift." I went over and we exchanged greetings.

What was your experience of having sex with a prostitute?

She asked which package I wanted, and I responded with 9K, but she added, you may withdraw money now if you want the spa-like treatment package. Out of fear, I consented and paid her the money. She instructed me to take a bath because she had just exited the bathroom and was getting ready. When I got out of the bath, she urged me to lie down and relax. She then began licking my face, neck, hands, body, thighs, feet, and my younger brother. She did a great job, and then the first intercourse, and I was like "awwww, that tickles," and I really feel like I'm in heaven.

I'd like to see her again to learn what I need to do to satisfy her, as she did for me, and to have fun with her once again.

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